About Paula Boone

Real estate consultant at Keller Williams Realty in St. Charles, IL. Listing specialist offering free staging consultation. Experienced working with all types of buyers - from luxury home buyers to lst time buyers.

Where is the Gym?

Location….it matters!

The perfect home is truly subjective. One persons hour commute is a breeze for some and a nightmare for others! Shopping for a new home, escpecially if this is the first (or even second) time, can be overwhelming.  So after you decide on the perfect amount of bedrooms….add these to the list!  I promise it will make the QUALITY of your life better!

Work Commute
Grocery & Retail
Hiking,jogging, Biking important to you….check out neighbors close to trails or great sidewalks.
Kid & Dog Parks
Schools, even if you don’t have children


Preparing for Selling Your Home

1. Minimize what is in the home.  Eliminate some furniture if it is crowded.  There should be plenty of open floor space, open counter space, and room in the closets and cabinets.  Even though the buyers know they don’t have to move you, they will feel overwhelmed if you have a lot of “stuff”.

2. Clean, clean, clean. Whatever you are selling, it will be a whole lot more appealing if it is really clean.  Scrub everything.  Don’t forget the exterior: light fixtures, porches, steps, patios & decks, and also the siding, if it is dirty.  ALL the windows need to be sparkling clean.

3. Maintain your yard.  Trim everything, weed beds, plant some flowers and make sure your grass looks good.  A nice looking yard will do a lot to increase your property’s appeal.  If you are in a condo or townhouse,  make sure your entrance looks well maintained.

Time and effort will go a long way in improving a buyers impression of your property without spending a lot of money!